About Murray Bailey

I have always enjoyed writing and, as a child, I even managed to be published in both the Times Educational Supplement as well as my local paper the Lichfield Mercury. Unfortunately, this didn’t lead to publishers knocking on my door. After studying Physics at the University of Southampton followed by Applied Mathematics at Cambridge, I entered the very different world of Consumer Credit.

Whilst I have written countless technical articles, edited Credit Risk International for a year, contributed and edited 3 textbooks on consumer credit assessment, fraud and debt collection and even had my own textbook on credit scoring and statistics published, my passion has always been with fiction – in particular, thriller and crime writing. Surprisingly, I discovered there is quite a large overlap between credit risk and crime writing – not least, the amount of logic, problem solving and analysis that each requires.

I have been writing as a hobby for more than 10 years and, after a lot of encouragement from my wife, finally focused on getting something published. My first book, I Dare You, is available as a paperback or Kindle version through Amazon. My second work, Map of the Dead, allowed me to indulge my passion for Egyptology. I had to write Black Creek White Lies, based in Cornwall, for my mother, and the Ash Carter series was influenced by my father’s experiences in the Royal Military Police in 1950s Singapore. My latest work returns to the story of Kate Blakemore in Dare You Twice and I am currently working on the second Ash Carter novel.

Born in Greater Manchester, England, I have gradually moved south until I reached the beautiful Dorset coast where I now live with my wife and family. Having young children and an all-consuming passion such as writing doesn’t leave much free time, but when I do take a break I enjoy running and cycling, kayaking along the gorgeous River Stour and making excellent sandcastles with my children.


i dare you

how far would you go to uncover the truth?


dare you twice

where do you go when there’s no way out?


Singapore 52

The first Ash Carter thriller


Singapore Girl

The Second Ash Carter thriller


map of the dead

some secrets should stay buried


Black Creek White Lies

One, Two… He’s coming for you