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Ash Carter Singapore

The Singapore series can be read in any order although I recommend that you read the conclusion (Singapore Fire) after Singapore Killer.


Singapore 52

Chinese New Year 1952

Ash Carter had to leave the Middle East in a hurry. But when he arrives in Singapore he finds himself in the middle of a much bigger problem.

No one knows where, or when, or who but someone is planning an attack. Carter is told to make sure it doesn’t happen. With pressure from politicians and the army and with Chinese Secret Societies watching his every move, he has other plans. He is more interested in finding out who killed his friend.

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Singapore Girl


A headless body, found on a causeway between Singapore and Malaya, gets assigned to ex-military investigator Ash Carter. Now working for the government, he needs to find out if this is just another drug-war punishment or something more.
His search for answers takes him through Malaya as far as Penang. But with children going missing, he starts to uncover connections to the establishment. He knows he s getting close to the truth. Too close…
The investigation gets shut down.
But he knows it’s not over. And it’s not in his nature to quit.

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


Singapore Boxer


Ash Carter goes undercover in central Malaya with a private militia providing protection against the Chinese terrorists. Some business owners appear happy with this protection while others are not.
Villagers are getting sick and the local doctor says the tin mining business is to blame. They’re poisoning the water. But no one will listen and everyone says she’s trouble. She tries to enlist Carter, but he’s there for a different reason.
One of the militia has disappeared and another is dead.
And then someone tries to kill Carter. As things escalate, he finds himself drawn into a world of intrigue, disputes and deception.
Will Carter uncover the truth before it’s too late?

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


Singapore Ghost

Bad Spirit

Ash Carter is in Penang on a job that seems beneath him: babysit a newspaper reporter. She’s investigating ghost stories at the barracks but it’s Carter’s past that is back to haunt him.
Returning to Singapore he finds himself caught up with a Chinese Secret Society. It’s not Andrew Yipp’s and Carter finds himself beholden to the leader, Chen Guan Xi. Chen wants to remove his big rival without a turf war and he wants Carter to do it for him.
However Yipp and Carter have so far had a good relationship. But when investigations on behalf of the gorgeous Su Ling uncover Yipp’s wicked actions, Carter’s attitude changes.
Stuck between the two criminal organisations, Ash Carter must find a solution and put the ghosts to rest.

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


Singapore Killer

Who is BlackJack?

It’s September 1953, and a helicopter crashes in the jungle. The pilot and a military policeman are burned to death, and it’s unclear what they were doing, but this was no accident. The name BlackJack is found at the scene.
Ash Carter knew that the Special Investigations Branch were tracking a killer, and the discovery of a faceless body draws Carter into the case that involves the murder of ex-soldiers. When his SIB contact disappears, Carter races to north-east Malaya. There, he finds a mysterious town that the locals won’t talk about.
With no sign of his contact, Carter wonders if he’s on the wrong trail. But then, one of the town’s ex-soldiers is murdered, and he knows BlackJack is here. As the body count racks up, Carter realizes he’s also a target and no longer knows who he can trust.

Available in paperback and e-book AND Audio book from AMAZON


Singapore Fire

The Endgame

She wants to escape.
He wants to save her.
But nothing is what it seems.
Singapore 1954 and once again, private investigator, Ash Carter is caught between the government and the criminal gangs. It’s time for Carter to choose.

Escape now or stand and fight?

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON