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BlackJack series

The BlackJack series overlaps with the end of the Singapore series. It is recommended that the books are read in the order that follows.


Once A Killer


It Takes a Detective to find a Killer

He changed his identity. He moved to Hong Kong. He changed his life.
But can he change who he really is?
Hong Kong late 1953. Charles Balcombe, sophisticated, risk-taking lothario was a special investigator. He thinks that taking a PI job to find a missing boy will distract him from his killer instinct.

It Takes a Killer to find Himself

Available in hardback, paperback and e-book from AMAZON


Second To Sin


Good or Bad? Man or Monster?

“It only takes a second to sin,” Father Thomas said. He believes in saving souls, but Charles Balcombe is beyond saving. His control over his killer instinct appears to be weakening. BlackJack has killed again and more questions are being asked of Detective Inspector Munro. He is under increasing pressure to solve the murders, especially when he picks up more cases from Kowloon rather than solving his own.
As Balcombe battles with his demon, he investigates the death of a young woman. Was it an accident or did she kill herself? At first Balcombe thinks it’s straightforward but as he digs, other cases reveal an evil in Hong Kong. One that could consume them all.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


A Third Is Darkness


Time to face your demon

Well, the third instalment isn’t available yet. I’m working on it but in the meantime thought I’d tease you with the proposed cover!