Singapore Boxer

Undercover agent

When Ash Carter takes an undercover job to investigate a man’s disappearance, he finds two more have recently either died or disappeared. They both worked for the same private protection group that Carter has now joined.

He quickly discovers they had been secretly working with the local doctor, trying to get proof that the tin mining business is poisoning the water. The villagers are dying. Children are sick.

But there are others who don’t want the truth uncovered. And they are quite happy to kill Carter to make sure he doesn’t find out. Intrigue, deceit and deception – will Ash be able to uncover the truth, before it’s too late?


secrets of the dead

some secrets are to die for


Singapore Ghost

The Fourth Ash Carter Thriller


i dare you

how far would you go to uncover the truth?


dare you twice

where do you go when there’s no way out?


Singapore 52

The first Ash Carter thriller


Singapore Girl

The Second Ash Carter thriller


Singapore boxer

The Third Ash Carter Thriller


Black Creek White Lies

One, Two… He’s coming for you


map of the dead

some secrets should stay buried


The Lost Pharaoh

Yanhamu’s story