Cyprus Kissnew


The Kiss of Death

A gang leaves a mark known as the Kiss of Death. A woman is missing at yet ask Carter for help. There seems to be no connection – until it becomes personal.

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The Killing Crewnew


Blood on the Promised Land

Carter and Wolfe are tasked with finding a mythical group of British Army deserters.

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Singapore Fire


The endgame

Once again caught between the government and the criminal gangs, it’s time for Carter to choose.
Escape now or stand and fight?

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Singapore Killer


Who Is BlackJack?

A Helicopter crash and burned bodies.
A faceless corpse.
A mysterious town.
It’s September 1953 and Ash Carter is drawn into a dark case from which there seems no escape.

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Singapore Boxer


Undercover Agent

Ash Carter goes undercover in central Malaya with a private militia providing protection against the Chinese terrorists. Some business owners appear happy with this protection while others are not.
Villagers are getting sick and the local doctor says the tin mining business is to blame. They’re poisoning the water. But no one will listen and everyone says she’s trouble. She tries to enlist Carter, but he’s there for a different reason.
One of the militia has disappeared and another is dead.
And then someone tries to kill Carter. As things escalate, he finds himself drawn into a world of intrigue, disputes and deception.
Will Ash Carter uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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Singapore Girl


A headless body, found on a causeway between Singapore and Malaya, gets assigned to ex-military investigator Ash Carter. Now working for the government, he needs to find out if this is just another drug-war punishment or something more.
His search for answers takes him through Malaya as far as Penang. But with children going missing, he starts to uncover connections to the establishment. He knows he s getting close to the truth. Too close…
The investigation gets shut down.
But he knows it s not over. And it s not in his nature to quit.


singapore 52

Chinese New Year 1952

Ash Carter has arrived in Singapore and nothing is quite what it seems. Ex-British Military Police detective and coerced into working for the government he has pressure from all sides including Chinese Secret Societies and the Army. He just wants to find out who killed his friend.

“Think Jack Reacher with a dash of James Bond, set in Singapore. Thrilling!” – Maggie Pagano, journalist, The Times
“Simply gripping!” Perfect for an on-screen thriller” – Alex Morgan, journalist, Sky News

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black creek white lies

One, Two… He’s coming for you

One night, Jade Bridger takes a dead-end path by the creek, and vanishes.
Eighteen months after being wrongly accused of her murder, Dan Searle returns to Cornwall to rebuild his life and forget.
But others won’t let him forget. He is quickly drawn back into the case and a dark and violent mystery; one that involved another girl years before.
As the lies begin to unravel, Dan uncovers startling truths about his family and the past. With dangerous people trying to keep their secrets safe, he must save those he loves – before time runs out…

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i dare you

How far would you go to uncover the truth?


Why was Kate’s enigmatic American boyfriend snatched off the street? Pressured by her family to forget him, a year later she finds a photograph that suggests he wasn’t what they said he was.


As she investigates people start to die and Kate is left wondering who to trust. She follows clues from England to the Czech Republic and finally to the US, all the while with the killer on her tail.

Her boyfriend said: ‘Don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe what they say. Trust me. I dare you.’ Kate wants the truth but is the truth worth dying for?

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Dare You Twice


Think outside the box

3 years later and it’s not over.
A teenage girl disappears from her locked bedroom. With no way out, and a trace of blood, the police conclude the worst. As Kate Blakemore investigates the strange case, she finds her own life threatened. She goes into hiding only to find herself drawn into another mysterious case.
On the Dorset coast, a young man has vanished without trace. Except for a cryptic message he seems to have intended for Kate. Accompanied by her friend, Andrew and a British Detective, Kate follows the clues that take her from England to Paris, France.
As the puzzle unfolds, Kate questions what she believes and whom she can trust. She has to work out what is really going on – or die trying.

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the lost pharaoh

BCE 3309
Yanhamu is a magistrate in Akhmin, unconventional and less wealthy than he and his wife, Nefer-bithia would like. When he receives a request by the Nomarch of Elephantine, it looks like his prayers have been answered. He is required for a high court case and the nomarch is willing to pay handsomely. However the case raises more questions in Yanhamu’s mind than are being answered.

He also wants the truth about his past but his quest leads him into trouble. First with his wife and then with the state itself. Pharaoh Horemheb fears sedition and when Yanhamu is arrested on suspicion of treason, it looks like he won’t survive, let alone save his marriage.

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secrets of the dead

Beware the surgeon. He’s not here to save you!

Atlanta, Georgia.
When a body dump is found, FBI Special Agent Charlie Rebb, thinks a serial killer has resurfaced. Called the Surgeon by the media, his tell-tale technique has everyone wondering why. But then the murders seem to stop again.
Cairo, Egypt.
Alex MacLure is contacted by a student who thinks he’s uncovered a conspiracy involving the pyramids. He asks for Alex’s help to piece together a message using new discoveries from the Amarna Letters.
But the student disappears and Alex is arrested for a murder. Meanwhile the special agent sees a sign that the Surgeon is now in Egypt.
MacLure links up with Special Agent Rebb to track down the killer. As he decrypts an ancient story MacLure realizes this is a race against time. The Surgeon must be stopped before he completes his terrible and startling mission.

Availablle now in paperback RRP £7.99 and e-book from AMAZON



map of the dead

Some secrets should stay buried


When Alex MacLure’s friend and colleague dies he is determined to carry on her research. He finds she has left him a coded message and, as he tries to make sense of it all, he discovers she was murdered. And now the murderer needs to silence him.


With only a few clues and a mysterious object Alex follows a trail from London to Cairo. He must crack the code and expose a shocking and inconceivable truth before the secret is buried for ever.

Availablle now in paperback RRP £6.99 and e-book from AMAZON