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Egyptian series

Ideally, the Egyptian books should be read in order although it’s possible to read Sign of the Dead as a Stand alone. The Lost Pharaoh is a separate story set in ancient Egypt between books 1 and 2. Book 3 is coming 2025!


Map of the Dead


“Up there with the best of Wilbur Smith. A gripping read from modern day to ancient Egypt.” Jet Uppal

When Alex MacLure’s friend and colleague dies he is determined to carry on her research into ancient Egypt. He finds she has left him a coded message and, as he tries to make sense of it all, he discovers she was murdered. And now the murderer needs to silence him.
With only a few clues and a mysterious object, Alex follows a trail from London to Cairo. He must crack the code and expose a shocking and inconceivable truth before the secret is buried for ever.

Available in paperback, e-book AND audio book from AMAZON


Sign of the Dead


Beware the surgeon. He’s not here to save you!

When a body dump is found in Atlanta, FBI Special Agent Charlie Rebb, thinks a serial killer has resurfaced. Called the Surgeon by the media, his tell-tale technique has everyone wondering why. But the murders appear to stop.
Then the special agent sees a sign that the Surgeon is in Egypt and Alex MacLure becomes involved. There’s an ancient story that will explain it all and MacLure finds himself in a race against time. The Surgeon must be stopped before he completes his terrible and startling mission.

Note the original title of this book was Secrets of the Dead.

Available in paperback, e-book from AMAZON

Code of the Dead


The final chapter

When Alex MacLure takes a job in the US working for a a billionaire, he has no idea what to expect.

Will be available in 2025 in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


The Lost Pharaoh


Trechery in the Two Lands

The year is BCE 1318 and Yanhamu, Lord Khety, is invited to sit as a judge on a High Court case. However, he is out of his depth and when the case concludes he knows that justice has not been done. A meeting with the emissary of the High Priest of Amun leads to Yanhamu’s arrest for treason. Accused of conspiracy and thrown into prison he must prove his innocence. The Two Lands are on the brink of civil war. Yanhamu may hold the key, but he must battle his own demons before he can save his country.

This crime-mystery occurs between the historic flashbacks in Map of the Dead and Sign of the Dead.

Available in paperback, e-book from AMAZON