The Golden Pyramid treasure hunt solution

Dear treasure hunters

I hope you’ve had fun trying to solve my puzzle even if you didn’t win. My hat goes off to those of you who sent me suggested solutions (one or two bombarded me!). Frankly, I am in awe of your dedication, intellect and inventiveness. In fact I was so impressed with some solutions, I thought they could have worked… they just weren’t my solution.

The Answers
The stage one answer is 1515
The stage two answer is sarcophagus
The stage three answer is Glendurgan Garden
The stage four answer is John Kempthorne

John Kempthorne
John Kempthorne was a gold prospector who was murdered in New Zealand (see Maungatapu murders). Although he was buried in New Zealand, there is a small gravestone for him in St Mawnan and St Stephen’s churchyard. In fact there are two, because his son died in the same year and his tombstone is also for his father.
Information on the church could be found here:

The hieroglyph clues
The hieroglyphs at the start of each section are clues to Stage 3.
The sarcophagus appears as the icon for chapter 50. This is between the pi symbol of the maze and a group of three trees. The sarcophagus is pointing slightly off east. In fact it is 15 degrees off east (ESE).The entrance to the maze (literally the start) also points ESE.
The fourth section hieroglyphs have a double meaning since the trees are in the form of a triangle. The “+” is the sign of a church and the pi represents a circle.
The final hieroglyphs could be interpreted as “Map of the Dead” a more literal interpretation could be: “Draw lines to the dead.”

Drawing lines
Draw a line approximately 1.618 (Phi – the Golden ratio) kilometres from the sarcophagus 105 degrees (east plus 15). This takes you to St Mawnan and St Stephen’s church which is ancient and famous for part of a stone celtic cross in one wall (it’s a circle) and gravestones that have unusual markings.
When drawing a line 15 degrees west of south for the same distance you reach St Anthony’s church. This is the 15-15 resulting in a triangle when joined up with the origin.

Alternative map to St Mawnan’s church
ISIS is the key. The icon for chapter 59 is the seat of Isis. This chapter has a number of directions starting from the maze: “warren of roads that criss-crossed” (ie the Glendurgan Garden paths). Go “along dirt road” then right onto a proper road – “started east”. The road “bent north” and later go “vigorously to the right”. You will go past a “giant citadel” of the “New Kingdom” – this refers to the St Edmonds church that you pass. Continuing straight, you will be on Old Church Road in Mawnan Smith. There is also a guide to follow the “wide river”. The Helford River runs east to the sea and passes St Mawnan and St Stephen’s church.
The icon for chapter 13 (see “icons” below), when rotated, represents the 4 paths/lanes off the road to the church.

All bar 4 of the non-hieroglyph and cuneiform icons relate to the map of the maze which should have been constructed for Stage three. These are chapters 4, 13, 36, 43.
Chapter 4 looks a bit like an eye and can be found on the second of John Kempthorne’s tombstones. Chapter 13 represents the 4 paths/lanes off Old Church Road and chapters 36 and 43 are two of the many unusual symbols that can be found on the tombstones in the graveyard.
One icon is repeated. It is the cuneiform symbol for “ka” which is part of the 4 components of a body – although importantly not the physical body. Being twice this represents two spirits (or tombstones) and no body. The first time it occurs is chapter 19 (see the 5th April notes below).
Chapter 67 is the Eye of Horus. However it is modified with a “2” underneath. This represents the eye-like symbol on the tombstone and the fact there are two stones for the one man. This chapter refers to a “series of circles” (unusual markings on gravestones) and a “coffin” and tells you to “find the field of reeds in the afterlife”.
The final chapter, 68 has the field of reeds icon and tells you it’s “found in the field of reeds” ie graveyard and reminds you about ISIS. i.e. use ISIS (chapter 59) for directions.

Following the word “gold”
You might have been led to chapter 59 by looking for instructions that followed the word “gold”. The first time it appears (chapter 3) we are told the clues are to “something hidden”. Progressing to chapter 4 we are told the “sarcophagus is not real” (ie not really a sarcophagus it’s a grave with no body). We are also told that “Hieroglyphs [are] on everything”. This is a reference to the unusual symbols on many of the tombstones. Finally we are told “part of puzzle solving” involves “spirals/pillars/geese”.
There are no chapters with spiral or pillar icons but Chapter 29 is a goose.
In Chapter 29 after the word “gold” we are told “[I] Lied to you” ie because it doesn’t involve spirals or pillars. You are then told to go “back to the start”. The start is between the trees (the “Golden triangle”) and the pi symbol. This is on the edge of the map (the maze) at Glendurgan. You are also told that “Isis is the key”. Isis is the icon of chapter 59. The Stage 1 solution for the key was also 1515 (15 degrees and 15 degrees forming a triangle – see Drawing Lines above).

Other clues
1. The final chapter, 68 has the field of reeds icon and tells you it’s “found in the field of reeds” ie graveyard and reminds you about ISIS.
2. “April 5 is important or, from a different perspective, you could cross-check with October 3.”
These dates are fixed since they relate to Lord Carnarvon’s death. 5th April is referred to as significant (literally because of the 3-4-5 component representing the golden triangle. However at this time of year the sun will set over the origin (Glendurgan) when standing at the church. On October 3 (a date in Carter’s diary) when standing at the origin, the sun will be seen to rise over the church.
5th April appears in chapter’s 19 and 21. After 5th April and before Oct 3 we get the numbers: 973 750. In Gematria the following could be solutions: 973 = zero hour (a reference to the origin) and 750 = Ishtar is the Goddess. Ishtar is another name for Isis which is the important chapter for the directions.
3. The pyramid number (924, 490) opens the briefcase. In Gematria the interpretation could be: 924 = X marks the spot and 490 = Source code (alternatively House of Gold).
4. The code following Oct 3 is 10 3 11 4 7 35 the sum = 70. A Gematrix solution for this is Ayin which is Eye in Hebrew pointing you to the eye-like symbol on the stone and Chapter 67.
5. The Church Parade hunt was itself a clue that you were looking for a church.
6. “Secret messages aren’t just for the ancient Egyptians but may still lead you to the gold”, was printed on the first page of the book following the cover. It was a guide to all four stages: The Secret messages were 1515 and 2 “ka”s, ancient Egyptians meant SARCOPHAGUS, may still combined is mays (maze) and, lead you to gold meant the gold prospector John Kempthorne.

Roll of honour
First place – Beth Coolin (hissyhissy)
Second place – Dustin White (DustinTheWhite)… and Deidra!
Third place – James Harbord (FinderX)
Best alternative solution – Clayton Watson (claytonhood)
First to visit the physical location – Christina Roberts (CRoberts_)

I’m a writer rather than a treasure hunt creator. It’s also very expensive and I’d need considerably more engagement and publicity to make it justified. However I should never say never.
You’ll be aware that Secrets of the Dead is part two of the story and I expect the series to be a trilogy. Meanwhile, Yanhamu is very much alive and will star in his own book(s) starting with Lost Pharaoh (it’s a working title) that I hope to finish in 2019.

Thanks for playing. Merry Christmas (or is that Isis Day?) and best wishes for 2019.



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