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Stand alone thrillers

Wolfe’s Shadows

Israel 1947 and the pressure is on

Captain Bill Wolfe is assigned to the UN delegation to ensure things go smoothly. He’s undercover as an Aussie and things just go down hill from there.

Wolfe’s Shadows is a Bill Wolfe Novella.Available as an e-book from AMAZON

Wolfe’s Gambit

Jerusalem 1946 and the clock is ticking

Captain Bill Wolfe picks up a case that is bigger than it first seems. Set with the backdrop of the King David Hotel bombing, this short novella is Wolfe’s first story.

Now available as an e-book from AMAZON


Black Creek White Lies

One, Two, He’s Coming For You

One night, Jade Bridger takes a dead-end path by the creek, and vanishes. Eighteen months after being wrongly accused of her murder, Dan Searle returns to Cornwall to rebuild his life and forget. But others won’t let him forget.

He is quickly drawn back into the case and a dark and violent mystery; one that involved another girl years before. As the lies begin to unravel, Dan uncovers startling truths about his family and the past.

With dangerous people trying to keep their secrets safe, he must save those he loves – before time runs out…

Available in paperback and e-book from AMAZON


How Far would you go to uncover the truth?

Why was Kate’s enigmatic American boyfriend snatched off the street? Pressured by her family to forget him, a year later she finds a photograph that suggests he wasn’t what they said he was. As she investigates people start to die and Kate is left wondering who to trust. She follows clues from England to the Czech Republic and finally to the US, all the while with the killer on her tail. Her boyfriend said: ‘Don’t believe what you read. Don’t believe what they say. Trust me. I dare you.’
Kate wants the truth but is the truth worth dying for?

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