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Welcome to the puzzles and treasure hunts page.

Below, you will find descriptions of each event including the start date. You will also find links to the leader boards. Each event is linked to one of my novels so please make sure you buy a copy before you register.

General rules of entry can be found here

Map of the Dead (The Golden Pyramid)

Within Map of the Dead are the clues that will lead to an 18crt golden pyramid. Be the first to solve all four stages of the puzzle to find the answer.

Start date: 3 April 2017
New registrations close date: 31 Jan 2018
Close date: When the pyramid is won!
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Church Parade

As a bit of fun to mark the launch of Singapore 52, there is an on-line treasure hunt. Follow a trail of twenty churches and be the first to identify all of the saint’s names. Get to the end and receive clues to solving the Map of the Dead puzzle. Click here for full instructions

** CLOSED ***

Start date: 9 September 2017
Close date: 31 January 2018


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