Church Parade Instructions

The name of the church will give you the name of the saint and the objective is to find the names of the 20 saints. For example if the name of the church in the picture is St Peters Roman Catholic Church, the answer is Peter. The next church you will be shown will be in a UK town beginning with the first letter of the previous question’s saint’s name. In this example it will begin with P so could be Peterborough or Portsmouth for example.
There is one exception to this rule. Some churches may be in Singapore. So even if the previous answer was Peter, the next church may be in Singapore.

Please keep a record of the saints’ names and the town you found the church in. You will need this evidence to claim your prize.

The Prize
All contestants reaching answering question 10 correctly will receive a clue to the Map of the Dead puzzle. If you can complete all 20 correctly, you will receive a translation of the four hieroglyphic clues.